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What To Bring

Sunglasses - We will provide eye protection upon requests, but most guests find wearing their personal sunglasses more comfortable.


Closed Toe Shoes - We do not allow people to wear flip-flops, open sandals, or any other type of open toe shoes. If we can see your toe, you can't go...


Clothes You Don't Care About - Let's face it, you're probably going to get muddy and ruin whatever clothes you wear...


Your Driver's License - We don't allow unlicensed drivers on the trip.


Camera - Bring at your own risk. There's lots of mud and water involved in this trip.


Cell Phone - Bring at your own risk. Again, there's lots of mud and water involved in this trip.


Gloves - You'll want these especially if it's cold outside. Think 8:00 AM trips in the fall. Most of the guides wear light gloves like Mechanix year round. Hint hint.


Medical Items - If you have a medical condition, please bring necessary medical items. If you’re alergic to bee stings, bring your EpiPen. If you have asthma, bring your inhaler. Your guide will provide you with a safe place to store these items during the trip.

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